Welcoming new beginning with nurturing hands and caring hearts. The Santiam Family Birth Center is designed to offer a quiet, personal child birth experience with qualified, compassionate medical staff. We encourage the whole family to participate in the joy of their new beginning. Delivering parents are encouraged to ask questions and participate in deciding on the treatment options available to them. Parents are supported to keep baby in their private patient room and experience as much skin-to-skin contact as possible for bonding.

Contact Allison Gladney at agladney@santiamhospital.org for more information.

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Your Birthing Team

Your birthing team will consist of a physician specializing in obstetrics and gynecology, a Certified Nurse Midwife, 24-hour care with our nursing staff, and Board-certified Anesthesiologists for pain management. You will experience centralized monitoring and in-house breast-feeding assistance.

Meet our Lactation Specialist, Jessica Bliss, PhD in Nutrition. Also, meet Alison Gladney, CLC, and Dawn McDermott, IBCLC.

Birth Center Tours

Dates/Time: Call the Unit

Location: Santiam Hospital & Clinics – Birth Center
1401 N 10th Avenue
Stayton, Oregon 97383

Birth Center Phone: 503.769.2175


Santiam Hospital & Clinics strongly encourages you to educate yourself as much as possible before delivery, and to consider making a birth plan. Your actual labor and delivery may not go exactly as intended, but it is helpful to have an idea of what to expect, and a list of your desires for each aspect of labor and delivery. The more active your role in the planning stage, the more empowered you will feel during the birth.


Hospital Discharge Process
Before you and your new addition leave the Hospital, one of our nursing staff members will share discharge information and follow-up instructions with you. You will be asked to sign the discharge instructions and will be provided with a copy of the instructions. We encourage you to ask as many questions as possible before going home. We help you pick an MD for aftercare and ensure that your next appointment is scheduled before discharge.

Back Home
Parenthood is breathtaking and challenging. We offer helpful services that can help this transition and new adventure.

This hospital has the most wonderful staff! From the receptionist, doctors, nurses, everyone I’ve met have been the most caring and understanding individuals I’ve ever met. Ps the people who work in the kitchen who make the meals are outstanding!!


Our family has been patients for many years. The doctors, nurses, and staff are always friendly, attentive, thorough, and knowledgeable. They really go above and beyond even being able to schedule same-day appointments if necessary.


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