At Santiam Hospital & Clinics, we’re dedicated to making your healthcare experience as convenient as possible. With our online portal, MyChart, you can easily settle your bills from the comfort of your home. Secure and user-friendly, MyChart allows you to manage your payments, view your statements, and keep track of your medical expenses effortlessly. We understand the importance of transparency when it comes to healthcare costs, which is why we also provide resources for you to learn more about medical expense transparency. At Santiam Hospital & Clinics, we’re committed to ensuring that you have all the information you need to make informed decisions about your healthcare and its associated costs.

Why Pay Bills Online


Paying your healthcare bill online saves you postage and takes less time. You will receive a copy of your receipt in your Email and can always log on to see a history of your payments.


Paying your bill online is more secure than sending a check in the mail. All information is viewed and submitted over a SSL encrypted connection. This avoids placing your checking account or credit card information in an envelope where it may be susceptible to prying eyes.


What is a chargemaster?
A chargemaster is a list that details the official rates charged by hospitals for individual procedures, services, and goods. A chargemaster is comprehensive, and contains thousands of procedures, items, and related charges.
How are charges determined?
Hospital charges are determined by multiple factors: The cost to perform the procedure, the cost to run the facility, regulatory requirements, payer requirements, and local market conditions. Individual income does not affect chargemaster charges.
Why do different hospitals charge differently?
Different hospitals have individual factors that affect their costs, such as staffing and equipment. These costs are part of the basis for setting charges, and so the charges are different.
Will I find all of my charges in the chargemaster?
No. All of the hospital charges are included in the chargemaster. However, professional charges billed by physicians and non-hospital services are not included in the chargemaster.
Do the charges show my out-of-pocket costs?
No. Out-of-pocket expenses are based on many individual factors, such as health plans, medical situations, and financial situations. The chargemaster is not a good tool for estimating these costs.
Who do I contact for billing concerns?

Janet Walliman, Patient Accounts Coordinator, at 503-769-9334,, or 1401 North 10th St. / Stayton, OR 97383-9987

Financial Assistance

Santiam Hospital & Clinics understands that medical bills can be unexpected and may be difficult to pay. In order to assist with this burden Santiam Hospital & Clinics offers financial assistance to our patients that meet certain income requirements. Based on those requirements an individual or family may qualify for a reduction in the cost of services partially or in full, even if you have health insurance.


  • Responsible parties with gross family income at or below 250% of Federal Poverty Guidelines may
    be eligible for financial assistance at 100% of amount due.
  • Responsible parties with gross family income above 250% but below 400% of the Federal
    Poverty Guidelines may be eligible for a prorated amount of financial assistance.

What does my financial assistance cover?

Financial Assistance covers services at Santiam Hospital & Clinics as well as any of our affiliated clinics for medically necessary services based on an individual’s eligibility. Financial assistance may not cover any additional costs incurred or provided by other organizations.
What information is needed to apply?

  • The enclosed application form (signed and dated)
  • Proof of income
  • Copy of recent tax return
  • Complete and current bank statement
  • Include a letter explaining your current situation and additional need for assistance.
    When will I know the outcome of my application?
    You will receive a determination letter in the mail within 21 days after receiving your completed application. If additional information or documentation is required to process the financial assistance application, you will be informed of those requirements.

    Who can I contact with additional questions?
    If you have questions or need assistance, please call our financial assistance specialist at 503-769-4572.

Payment Plans

Payment plans are available to all patients regardless of financial status.

Pricing Transparency

Understanding our Charge List

In compliance with federal legislation, Santiam Hospital & Clinics is publishing an extended version of our charge master with payer rate information and an estimator tool.

The extended version of our charge master contains our standard charges and services as well as information on gross charges, discounted cash prices, payer-specific negotiated charges, and de-identified minimum and maximum negotiated charges on all items and services provided by the hospital.

Please note that the chargemaster reflects standard charges, and should not be used to estimate out-of-pocket costs. Out-of-pocket costs are based on individual health plans, personalized treatment plans, individual health, and more.

Patient Estimator

The patient estimator tool allows you to receive an estimate on CMS mandated procedures.

To learn more, please click the link below. After clicking the link, please select Santiam Hospital & Clinics from the list of options to ensure you arrive at the correct Patient Estimator.

MyChart – Patient Estimates

Further Information

For further information, please contact our Customer Service Team. Our staff is available Monday-Friday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm with 24-hour voice mail. We welcome your call!

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