Santiam Hospital & Clinics Pharmacy Department is committed to providing our patients with optimal medication management ensuring quality patient care and treatment during their hospital stay.

Santiam Hospital & Clinics Pharmacy is open seven days a week for inpatient pharmaceutical needs. The pharmacy is staffed with Registered Pharmacists and Certified Pharmacy Technicians. The staff is available for consultations with both medical practitioners and the public.

The pharmacy supports the Hospital and Santiam Medical Clinic Part of Santiam Hospital.

Services Include

  • Providing Quality Pharmaceuticals for Patient Medication Management.
  • Oversight of patients’ medication regimens in both our inpatient and outpatient population.
  • Pharmacists provide pharmacokinetic dosing of antibiotics and other medications with sensitivities specific to the individual patient.
  • Pharmacists provide Coumadin Dosing to the appropriate patients.
  • Sterile Preparation of Intravenous Medications used in all patient populations,
    with a new emphasis on the support of the Santiam Hospital & Clinics Outpatient Treatment Services Clinic (SHOTS.)
  • The pharmacy participates in programs of service to the community and is available to
    provide poison control/prevention programs to the public and health care entities.
  • Comprehensive Medication Management, Discharge Medication Counseling, and Medication Reconciliation

Vaccine Clinics

Flu season is back! Join us for our upcoming Flu Vaccine Clinics.
When: September 30th & October 14th.
Where: Santiam Hospital & Clinics Freres Auditorium, 1401 N 10th Ave., Stayton OR

Where Can I Take My Extra Medications?

There are year round sites through Marion County.

Stayton Residents

Santiam Hospital
Near the North Entrance
1401 North 10th Avenue
Stayton, OR 97383

Stayton Pharmacy
102 Martin Dr. Suite A
Stayton, OR 97383

Stayton Bi-Mart Pharmacy
1701 Shaff Road
Stayton, OR 97383

Stayton Safeway Pharmacy
1535 N 1st St
Stayton, OR 97383

Other County Residents

Aumsville Police Dept.
597 Main St.
Aumsville, OR 97325
Non-Emergency: 503-749-2188

Marion County Jail Admin.
4000 Aumsville Hwy SE
Salem, OR

Monday – Friday
7 am – 5 pm

What can I bring?

  • Medications that are no longer used
  • Medication that are expired or unwanted
  • Drugs that did not work for you or a pet
  • Extra over-the-counter medications

If you can, please leave all medicines in their original bottles.


  • Needles/syringes
  • Thermometers
  • Bug repellent
  • Medical Waste of any kind

For information visit and

This hospital has the most wonderful staff! From the receptionist, doctors, nurses, everyone I’ve met have been the most caring and understanding individuals I’ve ever met. Ps the people who work in the kitchen who make the meals are outstanding!!


Our family has been patients for many years. The doctors, nurses, and staff are always friendly, attentive, thorough, and knowledgeable. They really go above and beyond even being able to schedule same-day appointments if necessary.