The transition of life in the womb to the outside world is an amazing process. The newborn nursery at Santiam Hospital & Clinics provides a safe, secure environment where physicians, nursing, and respiratory staff can assess the health needs of your baby, and provide more intensive care should the need arise. The nursery provides family-centered care, and we encourage non-separation of parents and babies in order to promote bonding and successful breast feeding. However, if you would like to rest, the nursery is available.

Santiam Hospital & Clinics will be partnering with OHSU Telemedicine Network, which allows for physicians and nurse practitioners to collaborate with OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital through two-way audio/video technology.


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Infant Security
  • Once the baby is born a security tag that contains an alarm will be attached to the umbilical cord.  This is painless and ensures the security of your baby.
  • Do not give your baby to anyone unless you know them or the individual is wearing a Hospital ID badge or is a part of your delivery team.
  • Please transport your baby in the traveling bassinet to ensure both baby and moms health and safety.
  • Do not leave your baby unattended or alone.
Baby's First Hour

After delivery and you’ve experience some moments with your newborn, your baby’s nurse will give your infant a thorough health and wellness assessment. Rest assured — every interaction we have with your new addition comes with the utmost care and love.

  • Your baby is swaddled in a soft, warm blanket or placed MOTIVACIÓN PARA EL BODYBUILDING: ¿ESTÁ ENTRENAMIENTO EXCESIVO? calidad dihydroboldenone cypionate con el envio motivación para el culturismo – concieve believe and achieve in a warming bassinet.
  • Mucus will be cleaned from your baby’s nose and mouth.
  • Antibiotic ointment is placed in your baby’s eyes to prevent infection.
  • Your baby will receive an injection of vitamin K to prevent bleeding.
  • The baby will get a cap, a swaddle, and a blanket to take home with you.
  • Baby, will get an ID bracelet that matches mom, dad, or primary support person and will get a security tag that is placed on the umbilical cord
  • Your baby’s temperature, heartbeat, breathing, color, and muscle tone are evaluated.  This is called an Apgar sore.  After all vitals are table and safe, your medical team will bathe, dress, and diaper your baby.  You are more than welcome to join during the grooming experience.
  • Baby will have Critical Congenital Heart Disease Screening that is completely painless and will measure the oxygen in baby’s blood in two different locations.
  •  Baby’s little footprints are recorded on a keepsake birth record.
  • Your baby’s blood sugar may be tested to ensure that it is not too low.
  • Your baby will be weighed in either the delivery room or in the nursery.
  • Your baby will have a universal hearing screening to detect possible hearing loss. Oregon law also requires the Hospital to perform this assessment before being discharged.
  • Your baby can receive their Hepatitis B vaccine in order to protect the baby before going home.
  • Your baby has a newborn born screening or a test called a PKU. This test is required within 24 hours after delivery and screens for certain disorders like cystic fibrosis and endocrine/metabolic conditions.
  • During this time baby will also have a Bilirubin Screening which is completed at the same times as the newborn screening.  This will check the levels of bilirubin in your baby’s blood to make sure he or she does not have jaundice.
  • Baby will receive a birth certificate from our Medical Records Department during their visit to your room. This will be given to you at discharge.
Breast Feeding
Breast-feeding assistance is available for mothers who intend to breast-feed their babies. Forming good nursing habits is important, and they are available to help foster these habits. A breast-feeding nurse will see you while you are in the hospital, and can provide you with lactation assistance after discharge with a follow-up phone call and/or a follow-up meeting.
Baby Photos
We are offering in-house photography services to new mothers at the hospital. We offer three different choices of photographers, whom you may contact before your delivery. Family birth staff can assist you in contacting a photographer for newborn photography.

Delivery Session

Birth Certificates
Birth certificates are issued by the State of Oregon. Please contact them to order a copy.
Hot line number is 1-888-896-4988.

This hospital has the most wonderful staff! From the receptionist, doctors, nurses, everyone I’ve met have been the most caring and understanding individuals I’ve ever met. Ps the people who work in the kitchen who make the meals are outstanding!!


Our family has been patients for many years. The doctors, nurses, and staff are always friendly, attentive, thorough, and knowledgeable. They really go above and beyond even being able to schedule same-day appointments if necessary.