At Santiam Hospital & Clinics, our goal is to provide our patients with excellent care in a personalized setting. We’re proud of the fact that 92% of patients rank their experience with Santiam Hospital & Clinics as positive.

Santiam Hospital & Clinics meets or exceeds patient experience when compared to state and national averages for hospitals. Patients rank us higher than state and national rankings in receiving information about recovering from home, room cleanliness and in communication with their doctors.

Our Mission

At Santiam Hospital & Clinics, our vision is to serve as the healthcare provider at the center of our community. As part of our mission, we provide quality health care to persons suffering from illness, injuries, or disabilities and promote the general health and welfare of the community through education, support, and medical services.

Patient Results

We create an atmosphere where each is to be relied upon to carry an equal or greater weight, where regard for the patient is held above that of personal benefit, and where the care provided is reliable and consistent.

Flexible Hours & Scheduling
Close to Home
In-person & Televisits Available

Speak Up

 eSpeak Up for Yourself

Santiam Hospital & Clinics is a leader in providing excellent patient care in our community for more than 54 years.

As a patient at Santiam Hospital, you are at the center of your healthcare team of professionals — including doctors, healthcare executives, nurses and healthcare technicians.

We encourage you to take an active role in your care and “S-P-E-A-K U-P.”

S Speak up if you have questions or concerns.

P Pay attention to the care you are receiving.

E Educate yourself about your diagnoses, tests and treatments.

A Ask someone you trust to be your advocate.

K Know what medications you take and why you take them.

U Use healthcare organizations that have been evaluated by well-know, respected third party services.

P Participate in all decisions about your health care.

Speak Up to Santiam

For questions and concerns, contact us at:

You have the right to request and receive information about the Hospital mechanism for initiation, review, and resolution of your concerns and complaints.

You have the right to express concerns and complaints that arise during your Hospital course to any Hospital staff member, the Oregon Health Authority, or the Joint Commission; such expression will not negatively impact the delivery or quality of your care.

You have the right to receive response from entities contacted about your concerns and complaints that arise during your Hospital course.

If you wish to report concerns about the way you or a loved one was treated in the hospital or clinic, you have the following options:

You may discuss the issue or issues with your nurse or another healthcare team member
You may call, email, or mail one of the following staff members:

For hospital concerns:
Debbie Turrell, Medical-Surgical Nurse Manager, at 503-769-9300 ext 8250,, or 1401 North 10th St. / Stayton, OR 97383-9987

For billing concerns:
Cassondra Posvar, Patient Accounts Coordinator, at 503-769-9252,, or 1401 North 10th St. / Stayton, OR 97383-9987

For clinic concerns:
Erin Cramer, Medical Clinics Director, at503-769-9105,, or 1401 North 10th St. / Stayton, OR 97383-9987

We encourage you to contact us about your concerns directly, so that we might immediately learn the areas where we have the potential to improve. However, we realize that there may be times where you might prefer to directly contact a regulatory agency. When this is the case, we encourage you to contact one of the following entities:
Health Division of Oregon Health Authority online at or call 503-373-2024
Medicare online at or call 1-877-588-1123
The Joint Commission online at or call 1-800-994-6610