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Meet the Santiam Service Integration Coordinator

Melissa Baurer

Phone: 503-769-9319
1401 N 10th Avenue
Stayton, OR 97383

Melissa Baurer, with a Bachelor's of Arts in Sociology and Masters in Criminal Justice, recently joined Santiam Hospital as the Santiam Service Integration Coordinator/Community Liaison. In this role, she will coordinate the efforts and activities of the Santiam SIT. This includes providing facilitation and coordination of the Service Integration Teams, developing and maintaining communication and collaboration among all key partners, developing community resources, and demonstrating and providing leadership among community partners. Melissa has valuable insight and knowledge with the Service Integration Teams.

Melissa has attended the Polk County SI Teams since 2009. As the former Director of Social Services at The Salvation Army of Marion and Polk Counties, she frequently relied on collaboration with her SIT partners to serve families in the most efficient and dignified approach. As Melissa and her SIT partners have learned, responding quickly to support families in crisis made it possible to better meet their short- and long-term needs.  For example, a family who needs help with rent may also have other needs. The SIT "family" wraps around a household and provides them with basic needs, health and education. 

Melissa has begun her work within the North Santiam School District, Stayton/Sublimity Team. Santiam Canyon School District (Mill City and surrounding areas) and Cascade School District (Turner and surrounding areas) will soon follow. In her tours with key partners like Family Building Blocks, Canyon Crisis Center, Canyon Gleaners, Department of Human Services, and many others, Melissa has been amazed by how deeply our partners care for those in need in the Santiam Community, which is a strong and positive start for the Santiam SIT program.

"The small town feel is what I am used to, having grown up in Colton, a town with just a small market," said Melissa. "I feel at home here in the Santiam area. It's refreshing to be part of a community who cares for their neighbors and shows appreciation for each other through their actions."

We at Santiam Hospital are excited for this adventure and look forward to the future of Service Integration and where it leads us and the community.