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Santiam Surgery CenterEmbrace Strength

State-of-the-Art Technology

Santaim Surgery Operating Room Santiam Hospital's State-of-the-Art Surgery Center offers the latest in surgical services for the Stayton and Salem Oregon area.

Our Operating Rooms (ORs) are larger than standard ORs and equipped with the latest technology, enabling our medical team to provide the best care possible.

Equipment Booms

Large booms are mounted to the ceiling keeping equipment off the floor and are more conducive for the surgical team to access. This offers a safer working environment that is easier to clean.

Operating Lights

Cutting edge colored LED lights blend to provide our surgeons with unparalleled viewing clarity for efficient and safe procedures. These advanced surgical lights deliver the industries's top intensity while using the least amount of power.

Laminar Flow

State-of-the-art laminar flow "air curtains" create a sterile field over the operating area. While microbiologically clean air flows over the patient from above, outside contaminants are swept away through special wall vents.

High-Def Monitors

High definition monitors allow the Surgeons to view laparoscopic surgeries more clearly. The medical team can also view both old and new x-rays on the monitors while viewing current images from cameras inside the body.