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Intensive Care Unit- ICUEmbrace Care

Patient Rooms

Our highly trained medical team is available 24/7 to respond to the patient's needs. We are dedicated to providing exceptional care to make your hospital experience as easy and positive as possible. Skilled nursing staff provide exceptional, responsive, and compassionate care with every touch. Included in your room is an electronic medical record for well-coordinated care and bedside comfort.

Your Room Amenities

  • Highly Trained medical teams available 24/7
  • Convenient workstation just steps away from the patient rooms
  • Each RN assigned to no more than 2 patients at a time. Each is skilled, responsive and compassionate
  • Viewable glass walls allowing medical team to observe patient care at all times
  • A supply arm to allow for the bed to be mobile and turn in any direction
  • Spacious bathroom with convenient walk in shower
  • Family or spouse/partner may stay in room for support
  • Flat screen television with many channels
  • Wi-Fi provided