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Intensive Care Unit- ICUEmbrace Care

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time may I spend with my loved one?

Our number one priority is the well-being of our patients and their families. Visits are limited depending on the condition of the patient and his or her care needs. The more critical the patient, the shorter the visit should be. A good rule of thumb would be to limit each visit to 20 minutes, as long as there are not multiple visitors.

Who is able to visit?

Immediate adult family members may visit the patient. Children age 10 and older may visit with a parent's permission. We do not encourage visits from young children because of the risk of infection to both them and to the patient. Seeing a loved one attached to ICU equipment may be traumatizing for young children.

I heard alarms, but no one responded.

Why? Unlike on TV, not all alarms are bad. Some indicate that the patient moved or coughed. Other alarms are set to notify the nurse of important information. If the alarm is serious, you can expect to be asked to leave the ICU and allow the critical care team to respond. Please go to the waiting room where someone will contact you and keep you informed.

Are flowers and balloons allowed?

Latex balloons pose a serious allergenic risk and are not allowed anywhere in the hospital. Flowers are allowed and we do encourage cards, pictures, banners, silk flowers and stuffed animals.