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Volunteer Opportunities

Junior Volunteer

For Additional Information,
Please call the Hospital's
Direct Number: 503 769 2175


A Commitment

Volunteering is a commitment to your community and to yourself. It is not to be taken lightly. It is your responsibility; not that of your parents. You must be willing to serve where you are needed and take what hours you are given. This may include weekends and holidays. It is unadvisable to enter the Junior Volunteer program if you participate in after-school sports or other extracurricular activities. These activities take a lot of your time. We do not want your grades to suffer; high school and college students must maintain a GPA of at least 2.5.

Duties of a Junior Volunteer

Below are a variety of some of the duties that you may be asked to do as a junior volunteer.
♥  Pass out fresh ice water, tea, coffee, juice
♥  Serve patient’s food trays
♥  Feed patients
♥  Make beds
♥  Help dismiss patients
♥  Pass evening nourishments
♥  Run errands as asked
♥  Deliver flowers
♥  Entertain children – read books, play games, etc.
♥  Entertain patients and/or visitors with a variety of activities from the activities cart. This includes playing games or reading to patients.
♥  Work at hospital/community events
♥  Assist Admitting staff

Please click here for Program information and required forms.

Program Contact Information

Robert Julio, Care Management Administrative Assistant
Office:  503-769-9291