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Santiam Hospital is a not-for-profit corporation. It is governed by a Board of nine directors, elected by and from among the Hospital Members. Board Directors serve a three year term and receive no compensation. By request and a non-specified donation of $100 or more, one may become a Hospital Member. Membership privileges include voting for the Board of Directors and the opportunity to serve on the Board. Because we are a not-for-profit organization, our charges are kept as low as possible; only at a level sufficient to meet our operation needs and to improve our facilities and services to assure you the highest quality of care. All persons needing care are served without concern for their ability to pay.

Board Members

President: Maryann Meredith
Vice-President: Ron Etzel
Secretary: Mike Odenthal

Board Members:

Ed Diehl
Juanita Culver
Norm Rauscher
Ron Etzel
Victor Kintz
George Long
Mike Odenthal
Maryann Meredith
Randy Mickey